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Music played by Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps
In this file you will find examples of music performed by Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps in the Norwegian Wind Band Championships over the last years. By clicking the titles below, you will find the mp3 files of the music.

Norwegian Wind Band Championship 2009 (3.place in the Elitedivision)

After one year away from the Norwegian Wind Band Championship, Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps made their comeback among the three best Wind Bands in Norway. This time we can present the performance both as mp3 and as web-TV.

David Maslanka "A Childs Garden of Dreams" (mp3 - 30 MB)
David Maslanka "A Childs Garden of Dreams" (web-TV)

Norwegian Wind Band Championship 2007 (6.place in the Elitedivision)

After six years as a top three contender, Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps finished 6'th this year. This year we received mp3 files with poor quality, therefore we have chosen to remove them.

1. Armando Blanquer "Gloses II"
2. Olav Anton Thommesen "Stabsarabesk"

Norwegian Wind Band Championship 2006 (runner up in the Elitedivision)

Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps were back to play spanish music this year. For the sixth time in a row the band finished among the three best contenders. This year the band played Andrés Valero-Castells "Symphony nr. 1: La Vall de la Murta". We are sorry to say that the quality of this recording is not good. We hope to replace this at a later time.

Andrés Valero-Castells "La Vall de la Murta" (mp3 - 23,2 MB)
1. Les Sierras, L'Incendi
2. El Monestir 1401
El pirates moros, El pont de pedra

Norwegian Wind Band Championship 2005 (3. place in the Elitedivision)

Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps did not manage to defend the Norwegian Championship. 92 out of a total of 100 points, was this years score. Once again we played music by Stephen Melillo. We hope you will enjoy listening to our perfomance.

1. Paul Hindemiths "Symphony in B-flat" (mp3 - 16,7 MB)
2. Stephen Melillos "In The Beginning" (mp3 - 12,9 MB)

Norwegian Wind Band Championships 2004 (winning the in the Elitedivision/National Champions)

The Elite section 2004 was won by Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps. The band earned 96 out of a total of 100 points. This was 2 points ahead of Lillestrøm Musikkorps and 4 points ahead of Vestre Aker Musikkorps. The band performed two pieces, starting with a Spanish composition "Iridiscencias Sinfónicas" by Armando Blanquer and then "Godspeed!" by the American composer Stephen Melillo. You may also take a look at the video from the prize-award ceremony recorded by our own Gjermund Karlsen . Those who attended will understand why, in the end, everything went black.

1. Armando Blanquer - Iridiscencias Sinfonicas
1.Allegro non tanto. 2. Intermedio 3. Ricercar (mp3 - 7,7 MB)

2. Stephen Melillo - Godspeed ! (mp3 - 5,5 MB)
3. Video: Prizeaward ceremony (wma - 28 MB - 4.35 min)

Norwegian Wind Band Championships 2003 (runner up in the Elitedivision)

Once again we achieved an impressing 2. place in the Elite section, beaten only by one point by Lillestrøm Musikkorps. This year we performed one piece only; the imposing Spanish composition "Homenaje a Joaquin Sorolla"(Cuadros Sinfonicos) by Bernando Adam Ferrero, which lasts 21 minutes.

Bernando Adam Ferrero "Homenaje a Joaquin Sorolla" (mp3 - 8,4 MB)
1. El Crit del Palleter
2. Pescadores Valencianas
3. Sol de la Tarde
4. Las Grupas

Norwegian Wind Band Championships 2002 (runner up in the Elitedivision)

The band was not able to defend the National Championship, but earned its 95 points, one point behind the winner, Vestre Aker Musikkorps. The referees called it a ”perfect” performance of ”Gloses II”. Do you agree?

1. Arnold Schönbergs "Theme & Variations, Op 43a" (mp3 - 4,6 MB)
2. Armando Blanquers "Gloses II" (mp3 - 5,6 MB)

Norwegian Wind Band Championships 2001 (winning the Elitedivision/National Champions)

This year we brought HM the King's trophy home to Sarpsborg. The music performed was Olav Anton Thommesen’s "Stabsarabesk" and Paul Hindemith’s "Konzertmusik für Blasorchester". Runners up were Lillestrøm Musikkorps and Sinsen Musikkorps, but they couldn’t beat our 96 points.

1. Paul Hindemiths "Konzertmusik for Blasorchester" (mp3 - 5,6 MB)
2. Olav Anton Thommesens "Stabsarabesk" (mp3 - 3,9 MB)

Norwegian Wind Band Championships 1999 (runner up in the Elitedivision)

Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps achieved 91 points in the Elite section, one small point behind the winner, Lillestrøm Musikkorps. The referees and the audience liked what they heard. You can listen to the band performing "Fanfare og Choral" by the Norwegian composer Egil Hovland.

1. Paul Hindemiths "Symphony in B-flat" (no link)
2. Egil Hovlands "Fanfare and Chorale for Band" (mp3 - 2,9 MB)

Popular music

In addition to contests the band also plays a lot of populare music. In our Show-Concerts we introduce our audience to a variety of musical directions. In this clip you will hear the band on stage together with the world-known composer and arranger Frode Thingnæs. Thingnæs himself is playing the leadtrombone in this sound clip (published by kind courtesy of Frode Thingnæs). Recorded live 2004.

1. Ella Fitzgerald's "Rough Ridin'" arrangement by Frode Thingnæs (mp3 - 5,4 MB)

Also listen to this recording of the band playing with its own solist Thomas Gjestad on clarinette. In this arrangement by Frode Thingnæs. Recordes live 2005.

1. Do You Know What It means To Miss New Orleans arrangement by Frode Thingnæs (mp3 - 4,8 MB)

Here are some sound clips from our CD releases. Clicking the links below wil take you there. This site is in Norwegian, but you will recognize the mp3 clips.

HomeGuard Band 01 (Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps) "Overalt - Alltid!" Recorded 1995
The Children Concert with Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps Recorded 2002
HomeGuard Band 01 (Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps) "I tjeneste for Norge" 2005

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