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Welcome to Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps !
Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps is a Symphonic Wind Band situated in Sarpsborg in the county of Ostfold in southern Norway. The band counts about 90 members of which around 70 would be active at any moment of time.

Norwegian Champions 2001 and 2004

With roots going back to the mid 1840s, Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps was founded in 1923 by a group of young inspired musicians, too old for the school band in which they had been members since the age of eight. Under the musical direction of Ole Hox, the group of 20 started Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps. With instruments borrowed from the local school band, and a lot of dedication, the group soon became renowned for its musical quality and versatility.

Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps became the first Norwegian band to perform on radio, with a live broadcast in 1932, and has since then, been a regular contributor to radio concerts, and in the more recent years, also television performances.

Loyalty is another feature. Over the years the band has developed a culture of stability and continued development with a relatively low turn over rate, always seeking the highest level, of which the band’s merits and popularity are valid proofs, by any standard. The present conductor, Geir Holm is the seventh in Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps history.

Home Guard Band No 1
The band has since 1960 been the representation band of the Norwegian Home Guard. In 1960 The Norwegian Home Guard wanted a top band to reflect the spirit of its force and signed a special agreement with the Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps. In accordance with this agreement all band members are enrolled in the Home Guard through their membership contract with the band. The Norwegian Home Guard is today an important partner, requesting top performances at the representation assignments to which the band is sent abroad and within the country.

The band gives regular concerts throughout the year in and around Sarpsborg with repertoire stretching from pure classical to contemporary music of various kinds. The band has developed a close relationship with its loyal audience. The present performance plan includes an outdoor concert in May/June, a Show Concert in November and a Church Concert in December. In between these performances there will be a number of other concerts of which various Home Guard assignments are the most plentiful. The November Show Concert normally includes one or more guest artists to fit the program and has developed into one of the yearly top attractions in the Sarpsborg area.

The Music
If you want to listen to some of the music we have been playing the last years, click on this text and you will bee routed to another page. In that page, you can click on the music piece you want to listen to and it will appear in MP3 format. Most of the music has been recorded in the last years of the Norwegian Championship. The page is in Norwegian, but you may recognise the composers or tittles.

Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps has participated in and won numerous wind band contests. The band became Norwegian wind band champion in 2001 and 2004 and was runner up in 1999, 2002, 2003 and 2006.


The picture shows Morten Karlsen and our Musical Director - Geir Holm.

Further information
If you would like to learn more about our band, our programming or any other aspect of our business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sarpsborg Janitsjarkorps
Po. Box 142
N-1701 Sarpsborg Norway

E-mail: sjk@sjk.net

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